Swan Graphics is a non-profit enterprise that is changing the lives of youth on the Yakama Reservation and, in turn, making an impact on future generations.

Basic job skills and financial literacy are nearly non-existent among the Yakama Nation’s youth in White Swan,WA. Unfortunately, examples of working, financially stable adults are not commonly found in this area. Swan Graphics is an economic development enterprise, raised up by Sacred Road Ministries, to train youth in life, job and vocational skills. We strive to present them with skills to prepare for a brighter, more stable future.

In addition to providing business and vocational experience, the program focuses on building positive character traits. Recent economic research shows that character skills predict a wide range of life outcomes. Programs that show the most promise in alleviating these challenges have integrated work skills with character and ethics components.

By ordering products from Swan Graphics, you are providing unique opportunities for youth in White Swan to break free of the poverty and the hopelessness that have plagued this area for generations. Your support illustrates, in a real way, to these students that there is another way of life – one of hope and freedom. All proceeds from sales go back into the program, including providing a fair hourly wage for youth participants.

The Swan Graphics program gives instruction in successful life and financial strategies, and provides stable relationships with a community of positive, Christ-centered role models.

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