The Factory is the new retail store born and inspired by Star Designs. The Factory/Star Designs is family owned and operated by Mitchell Skelton, his wife Sheryl, Jeff Skelton, and his wife Dawn. Mitchell and Jeff are both parents of children who were/are heavily involved in school activities and sports. Both Jeff and Mitchell have coached several club teams as well as high school teams and have ordered thousands of shirts and uniforms over the years, many times only to be disappointed. This is part of the reason Star Designs was born, because Jeff and Mitchell, disappointed with the same tired graphics and “it’s my way or the highway” attitude, knew there had to be a better way. Say goodbye to the “Grumpy Old Screen Printer!”

Our business philosophy is simple. . . We will give you great service, an awesome design, fast turnaround, and NO SURPRISES on arrival. In other words, we operate our business based on Christian principles and we apply the Golden Rule EVERY TIME, even if it costs us money. Give us the chance to impress you!

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Available ServicesPlastisol Screen Printing, Water Based Screen Printing, Embroidery, Sign Printing, Sticker/Vinyl Printing, Allmade Apparel Vendor, Heat Transfer, Manual Shop, Automatic Shop


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